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Last Man Standing

“An important book about America’s most powerful banker. McDonald tells the compelling story of Jamie Dimon’s rise to preeminence with wonderful detail and clarity and in so doing gives us a lesson in leadership sorely needed for these trying times.”
— David Faber, CNBC anchor and New York Times bestselling author of And Then the Roof Caved In

last man standing  

Simon & Schuster (2009)

Hardback – 340 pages – ISBN 1416599533

In the midst of the most disastrous economic climate of Wall Street’s history, one executive has weathered the storm more deftly than any other: Jamie Dimon, chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase. In 2008, while Dimon’s competitors watched their companies crumble, JPMorgan not only survived, it made an astonishing $5 billion profit. Dimon’s continued triumph in the face of an industry-wide meltdown has made him a paragon of finance. 

In Last Man Standing, award-winning journalist Duff McDonald provides an unprecedented and deeply personal look at the extraordinary figure behind JPMorgan’s success. Using countless hours of interviews with Dimon and his full circle of friends, family, and colleagues, this definitive biography is by far the most comprehensive portrait of the man known as the Savior of Wall Street. 

Now, in an updated prologue, McDonald offers insight into the future of Wall Street and how Dimon will overcome the challenge of aggressive new regulation from Washington—and how he plans to continue to thrive as the world’s preeminent banker.



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“Last Man Standing is a rare gem, filled to overflowing with three-dimensional reportage and insights that bring into full focus the world of Jamie Dimon. This is essential reading for anyone wanting to know how Wall Street really works and who the man behind the curtain really is.”
— Christopher M. Byron, New York Times bestselling author of Martha Inc.
“An intimate . . . three-dimensional portrait of the executive, with lots of reporting from his friends and family.”
— Mara Der Hovanesian, BusinessWeek
“A fascinating profile of one of the most disciplined and powerful leaders on Wall Street today. Jamie Dimon is the man of the moment, and in this insightful, engaging book, Duff McDonald has captured him brilliantly.”
— Nina Munk, contributing editor, Vanity Fair, and bestselling author of Fools Rush In
“Duff McDonald’s Last Man Standing is a timely and important portrait of Jamie Dimon, a true leader who other current, former, and future Wall Street CEOs would do well to study — and to emulate.”
— William D. Cohan, New York Times bestselling author of House of Cards
“A lively, insightful, and thoroughly readable account of how Jamie Dimon built JPMorgan Chase into the modern powerhouse that it is today. A tale that offers a rare flash of inspiration — and hope — for the modern banking world.”
— Gillian Tett, New York Times bestselling author of Fool’s Gold
“Jamie Dimon isn’t ‘the Last Man Standing’ because he’s a great banker — but because he’s a great leader. He has soaring vision, inspires his people to build and grow, and sweats authenticity from every pore. Jamie is a rare talent, but it is his realness that truly sets him apart, and Duff McDonald’s compelling biography captures it.”
— Jack Welch