The Firm

Editorial Reviews

“[T]hought-provoking...a fascinating look behind the company’s success...[The Firm] chronicles McKinsey’s rise but also raises an important question about it that is applicable to the entire netherworld of consultants, advisers and other corporate hangers-on: ‘Are they worth it or not?’” -- Andrew Ross Sorkin, The New York Times DealBook

“There have been other books about this American icon, but The Firm is an up-to-date, full-blown history, told with wit and clarity." --The Wall Street Journal)

“[T]hrough an expert accretion of damning detail, McDonald builds a convincing case that, for better and (mostly) worse, McKinsey became the quintessential American business of the 20th century.” --Bloomberg Businessweek

"A fascinating account of the rise of McKinsey. If you want to know what it is about the culture of the firm that sets it apart and has made it so successful, read this book." --Liaquat Ahamed, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Lords of Finance

“In this highly readable history, Duff McDonald brings us deep inside one of the smartest and most important firms doing business today – a place where no other journalist has taken us before. With his straightforward storytelling and thoughtful analysis, McDonald demystifies the secrets behind McKinsey’s successes and offers concrete lessons on changing companies and practices for the better." -- Jamie Dimon

"McDonald has written the definitive history of McKinsey, and through McKinsey of the entire multibillion-dollar industry that is management consulting. It's a heartbreaking tale of wasted talent." --Felix Salmon, finance blogger, Reuters

“Timely...A fast-paced account of a key business institution, its deeds and misdeeds.” --Kirkus Reviews

“Revealing...McDonald combines a lucid chronicle of McKinsey’s growth and
boardroom melodramas.” --Publishers Weekly

“[An] admiring book that nevertheless asks hard questions about the organization’s future.” --The Economist